I’ve been on a very fortunate streak of not only working with amazing people, but also with great friends. I went to school with Amy, and am very thankful to call her friend. She and Sean came to Nashville after Thanksgiving for an extended weekend, and I was beyond thrilled to get to meet Sean and hang out with both of them. Amy’s best friend, Jeanette, and her husband, Mitch, were also in town for the weekend, and it was awesome to meet even more new friends. They made the rounds to some of Nashville’s best hangs, and once I was back from Ohio, I got to join them for a few more of my favorite spots. Of course, we also got to spend an evening shooting some engagement photos!

We started out by sneaking around Marathon Village. This spot has been increasingly popular for photography in the past few years, but for liability reasons they really don’t like people shooting on the property. We decided to embrace our rebellious spirits and spent time wandering around anyway for some really awesome images. Amy & Sean also really wanted some distinctly “Nashville” settings, so after that we went to Cumberland Park. It’s right on the river with one of the better views of the city skyline. We were starting to lose sunlight, so we rushed through a few more spots before a change of clothes.

Saving downtown until after sunset was part of the plan, which let us take advantage of the ambience of Nashville night life. One of our last photos of the evening led to a confrontation with a terribly rude woman who has no understanding of crosswalks and pedestrians’ right-of-way. Though frustrating at the time, it’s great for a laugh looking back. We met up with Jeanette and Mitch for burgers at The Pharmacy, followed by a few more adventures. I was also thrilled to spend time with Amy & Sean the next day for lunch and a few final excursions, including a visit to Third Man Records.

I could not be more excited for these two! Sean is such an awesome, deeply thoughtful guy who cares a great deal about Amy. They have a fantastic playful chemistry that made photographing them effortless. I’ll stop typing now so you can enjoy the photos!

Tyler is your new favorite Nashville wedding photographer, who delights in showing how really, really, ridiculously good looking you are.

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  • Amy's mom says:

    Tyler, these are BEYOND amazing photos! Some of the best pics I have of Amy from her college years are pics you took, so it’s so fitting that you should be here for us now. Can’t wait until March to see what you do with her wedding!

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