Getting to photograph friends is always a treat, and working with Lizzy & Joel is extra special. I’ve known Joel’s family for about 10 years, and was also able to photograph the weddings of his older siblings, Hanna & Brett Osterwyk and Eric & Coralie Hafner. Eric was one of my first friends in high school, and I have spent a lot of time with the whole Hafner family. When it comes to family, Lizzy also feels like she’s been a vital part for awhile now, too.

Lizzy & Joel met in high school. They even went to homecoming together the year they met, but didn’t really hit it off at all. Fortunately they got over those first impressions, because they are just wonderful to be around. Joel is hilarious, and it’s easy to tell that making Lizzy smile is one of his favorite things.

Fortunately the day was considerably warmer than the one previous. We spent some time walking around Uptown Westerville, then stopped for coffee at Java Central. We spent some time chatting over coffee, as well as shooting a few more photos. We had planned to shoot just a bit more with the remaining sunlight, and they had even made dinner reservations, but we started talking about a quick trip downtown for some photos in one of my favorite spots in Columbus: The Short North. As there was still some daylight, we stopped by Hoover Dam. There’s a particular spot on the disc golf course there I’ve always wanted to shoot, and they were willing to let me experiment for what turned out as my favorite photo of the day.

We also stopped by a Christmas tree stand before heading downtown. Once we parked, we took a quick walk around for a few more photos, wrapping up with a final cheesy ode in front of a store’s shimmering decorations. They were even able to move their dinner reservation and still make it! So thrilled for these two! (And you can view the full gallery and order prints right here.)

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