Working with friends is always a huge joy, and Haley & Cody’s wedding was no exception! I was able to experiment and try some creative new ways to document their day a bit out of the ordinary for how I normally shoot. One of the most awesome details about this day was the church: where Cody & Haley were married is the exact same place Haley’s parents were married years ago! That is just a testament to how every single element of the day was so uniquely them, and so well encapsulated all the love that surrounded them and brought them together.

Another shining example of these beautiful details was the song to which Cody and his mother danced. The song was written by Cody’s father and dedicated to Cody when he was born. Cody recorded this song as a special surprise for their dance, and it was certainly one of the most emotional moments of the evening.

Check out Nathan Westerfield’s photos from their wedding¬†right here!

Highlight Film: Haley & Cody

The Ceremony

The Dances

Slow Motion Video Booth

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